Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some body help me with mu Ringback Tone?

I put a song as my ringtone so everybody that call heard that song but i don't want that song any more, i want the typical sound like everybody also, how i cageged o what is the name of that sound to buy it and change the song that i have.Some body help me with mu Ringback Tone?
at you can find millions of rintones, it is free.

Chocolate 8550 ringback?

oook so i got a chocolate 8550 phone and got some ringtones and ringback tones from vzw tones i have verizon but now i want to change my rinback tone and cant!! help me!! i love the phone and no how to do alot with it.but cant fined the ringback tone setting.its driving me crazy!!Chocolate 8550 ringback?
sorry, but there are no such thing as ringback setting. ringback tones is accomplished/modified ONLY by your service provider and sites that support you provider in their subscribers account. meaning you can only tell them want ringback you want and they'll change that for you in your phone.

Verizon Phone Service..?

how do you change your ringback tone?

i purchased two..and i want to go back to the first one i bought..Verizon Phone Service..?
your phone should have come with a handbook. i'd look at that

:)Verizon Phone Service..?
Go here: Phone Service..?
just visit verizon ringback site. tells u how step by step

Question about my Phone??? 10pts?

How do i change my ringback tone to regular ringing?

i have an Lg Dare but it should be the same for most phones.Question about my Phone??? 10pts?
My husband has to do it online at our service site. You may want to try that.Question about my Phone??? 10pts?
Go to settings, sounds or ringtones, and try some different tones to see which sounds like regular ringing to you. If you would ever like to switch back al default settings on your phone, which, by the way, doesn't delete contacts or messages, that should be in the security or settings menu. Nice phone!

How do I set one of my ringtones as a ringback tone on my env2?

I know how to change my ringtone and I don't have internet on my phone so I can't go to the get it now thing to change my settings and stuff.How do I set one of my ringtones as a ringback tone on my env2?
A Ringback Tones is only set by your provider, there is a charge.
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  • Just got a lg venus verizon phone, i have 2 ringback tones, how do i change them if i want to?

    lg venus verizon cell phone --

    i have 2 ringback tones downloaded but i can't figure out how to change them? i looked in my manual and couldn't find anything. please help me! =) thank you!!!Just got a lg venus verizon phone, i have 2 ringback tones, how do i change them if i want to?
    You can also access them from the GET IT NOW application from your phone.... VZW Tones Deluxe, select the get RBT's (right side of screen) and scoll up to the top screen then select manage. This allows you to do the same things that you can do online, however, you will be charged data usage....

    If not, just go online like the guy above instructed.Just got a lg venus verizon phone, i have 2 ringback tones, how do i change them if i want to?
    you have to log in to your verizon account online, and from there, you can go to manage account, then ringtones and ringback tones, it brings up a nice menu where you can set the ringbacks to play for certain people, groups, or time of day

    Droid eris help with ringback tone?

    i got my droid eris last week and i have a stupid ringback tone. i want to change it how whould i do that i cant figure that out..?Droid eris help with ringback tone?
    Rinback Tones are only set by your provider. there is a charge.Droid eris help with ringback tone?
    Go to hoover cursor over Entertainment %26amp; Apps select ringback tones, sign into the media store and in the top left corner there will be a link for manage